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The Home of Traditional Mediterranean Cooking 

Over the last few years’ people have been encouraged to eat a Mediterranean style diet. Researchers agree that a diet inspired by the eating habits of people from the Mediterranean in the1940s and 1950’s, is associated with significantly better health and reduced rates of heart disease.

I am fortunate enough to have a Turkish-Cypriot Mother in law, Shirley, who regularly tells us about what it was like growing up in Cyprus as a child and the types of food that were traditionally eaten. Please click here to read more about Shirley and her story.

With Shirley’s permission we are going to try and share her family recipes with you. Together we’ve tried to come up with meals that are eaten in a traditional Cypriot diet. These meals are full of fresh vegetables, legumes, beans and oils. Importantly these are easy to make and can form the basis of healthy balanced diet. 

I can’t wait for you to try these amazing dishes, please click on the recipes below for more information. Let me know in the comment’s section when you do, or send me a picture via Instagram @livingwellGP


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